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China Merchants Bank--Unified WLAN Deployment for Branches
As Chinese first wholly owned by corporate legal person shares of joint-stock commercial banks, China Merchants Bank has 113 branches, 943 branches, 2,330 self-service banking in more than 110 cities of Chinese mainland. The head office is located in Shenzhen and the sixth largest bankmainland China. China Merchants Bank is very suitable for young and Volkswagen from the financial products to business experience, therefore, also known as "the most popular with young people financial institution". The idea of a wireless network transformation also came from considering the experience of young people apply for business . In addition, China Merchants Bank also want to realize advertisement marketing push function by this WLAN deployment to bring a business creation. Thus China Merchants bank headquarter decides to install unified WLAN system for all branches.
Sundray stands out after many serious testing, becomes the WLAN equipments supplier of CMB. Sundray technologies solve the problem that CMB faces.
After system deployment, CMB will own a public Wi-Fi network system for "unified management in headquarter+ all branches' data collection+ advertisement push based on different areas+ high financial security level ".Which provides a perfect using experience for financial service and will become the model of financial Wi-Fi systems

Published date:2015-07-31
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