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Sundray Technologies product development system is certified by the highest authority CMMI5.
Recently, the leading brand of wireless application layer - Sundray Technologies announced that the most important aspect of the software development process in its development system has been well received by internationally recognized authority, and access to the highest authority CMMI5 certification, becoming the only two domestic R & D in the field of wireless network equipment to obtain the highest CMMI system certification.
CMMI5 is "Software Capability Maturity Model Integration" for short, a set of evaluation and certification system developed by Carnegie - Mellon University SEI Institute. It is an evaluation system internationally recognized as the most authoritative software process. CMMI5 is divided into five levels, with CMMI5 as the highest level, marking the enterprise in a leading position on standardization, normalization, and maturity.
Sundray Technologies is headquartered in Shenzhen, specializing in enterprise-class wireless product development and research. It has a development team of more than 150 people, the largest domestic wireless technology research and development technical team. In software development aspects, Sundray Technologies strictly follows CMMI5 standard, and its product quality control system meets international advanced level. Since Sundray Technologies wireless products come out, it has been recognized by thousands of industrial customers. Many famous users are using Sundray wireless, including Easyhome, Wanda Plaza, Northeast Normal University, Beijing 798 Art District, New Century Hotel Group, Mylike plastic surgery hospital, ZJS Express, BAIC, China United Airlines, SASAC, Arch Walk, Shanghai National Accounting Institute, Zhejiang Wencheng County Board of Education, Shanghai Tianyou hospital, infinite, Xinbang logistics, 7 days Inn, Jinjiang Inn, Northeast Snow Village, Huangshan Jadeite Valley, ANTA Sports, Nanfu battery, Momo technology, Baihe network, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Finance, Department of Water Resources in Henan Province and other industries.
Its software development is leading the industry, and also a leading product service. In the country, Sundray Technologies has 26 branches directly under it, and 8 products spares warehouses. Its service network covers the whole country; provide 7*24-hour after-sales support and service system passes the ISO9001 certification. Sundray Technologies provides users with high quality services such as the question must be responded in 30 minutes, and the wireless AP is only replaced instead of repairing during one year.

Published date:2015-05-21
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