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Sundray Technologies provides wireless network coverage for China Computer Security Conference
On May 26-28, the 2015 Chinese Computer Network Security Conference themed at "intelligent network, security escort" was formally held in Wuhan. It was organized by the National Internet Emergency Center (CNCERT). As an annual event in the field of domestic network security, the conference attracted government departments, enterprises, universities, research institutes, network security and other industry experts to participate and the meeting reached an unprecedented scale.
The event, with Sundray Technologies and Sinfor’s participation, demonstrates to the guests the safety solutions for mobile services and wireless networks. The speech was widely recognized by technical experts in the field and sparked a warm attention from CCTV. Moreover, for the convenience of participants accessing to the Internet, after screening many technologies like network security, CNCERT organizers selected Sundray Technologies to built on-site wireless Wi-Fi network with its wireless products. Conference participants reached nearly 600 people. The venue of Sundray Technologies deployed only six indoor dual-band wireless AP products NAP-2600, but achieves safe, stable and fast internet access under high and density access environment.
Sundray Technologies, as a wireless leader firm on application layer, introduced the industry's most secure wireless networking solutions: in a wireless network access links, Sundray wireless supports 802.1X, CA certificate, even WeChat Look and Match and other certification methods, which can effectively distinguish between visitors and staff; in conjunction with Sundray Technologies’s access rights management, it can achieve Privilege Isolation between Intranet and outer net. Further more, Sundray Technologies supports WIPS function, which can effectively detect and counter illegal fishing AP and personal wireless hotspot to protect the legitimacy of the access terminal. In wireless data transmission and management aspects, Sundray Technologies’s built-in enterprise-class firewall can effectively prevent DDOS attacks, DHCP spoofing, and internal attacks. At the same time, Sundray Technologies also supports VLAN inter-terminal isolation technology, which can effectively prevent the spread of the virus. The most prominent thing is that Sundray wireless supports Internet behavior management and audit functions which according to the type of terminal of accessing a wireless network, authentication, and access areas, etc. can achieve flexible access rights assignment, conduct audits and implement in a timely manner to prevent unauthorized access behavior for safe management and traceability, and realize comprehensive protection for the wireless network security of the users. It is worth mentioning that the Sundray Technologies wireless equipment is the industry's first wireless networking products certified by the Ministry of Public Security.
In today's rapid development of mobile Internet, wireless Wi-Fi has become the most important traffic entrance for mobile terminal, followed by emerging Wi-Fi network security incidents. Sundray wireless, with many years of network security technology accumulation, is committed to create the most secure wireless networking solutions for the users.

Published date:2015-06-02
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