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Sundray Technologies shares: Enterprise wireless security & big data under the trend of "Internet +"

From July 3 to 5, 2015 Major Customer Technology Summit Forum hosted jointly by Sundray Technologies and SINFOR Group was held in Shenzhen Shangri La Hotel. More than 500 major customers in various industries from all over the country attended the event. When exposed to the research and development strength and innovation strength of Sundray Technologies, representatives at the meeting appreciated the new trend and development direction of wireless technology.

CEO Mr. Guo Dongzi of Sundray Technologies gave a speech at the conference at the theme of enterprise wireless security & big data under the trend of "Internet +". Mr. Guo Dongzi analyzed the concerned issues of the current wireless construction mainly from two levels: o one is the security problem of wireless and the other is the problem of the combination of wireless and big data. At the same time, at the conference site, Sundray Technologies built wireless network based on WeChat authentication to guarantee nearly 500 people at the conference site to stably access to the internet at the same time.


When mentioning the security issues of wireless network, Guo Dongzi said that during the Internet + era, the Internet and traditional industries have a deep integration while wireless network plays an indispensable business load-bearing role in the process and the demands on wireless network construction are strong. Through analyzing the whole process of hacker attacks, Guo Dongzi put forward the corresponding solution of Sundray Technologies and said that Sundray Technologies can make the wireless network becoming as safe as wired.

When mentioning wireless and big data problems, Guo Dongzi first pointed out 3 major aspects of big data landing in the wireless field: d develop new customers, win regular customers and increase customer turnover.。The seller providing high quality free Wi-Fi service makes customers quickly complete wireless access and enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi network; improve customer satisfaction and analyze customers' interest to push accurate advertising information to improve customer stickiness. On the improvement of the customer turnover, Guo Dongzi said that keyword search function of Sundray Technologies can analyze customers' keywords, then Sundray Technologies wireless controller carries out advertising and marketing by pop-up window, SMS, WeChat and other different forms combined with the keyword matching and terminal authentication mode according to the keywords input by customers to achieve the purpose of improving customer turnover.

During coffee breaks in the conference, Sundray wireless products attracted a lot of customers to come to consultation. Customers speak highly of the security features and marketing function of Sundray wireless products. In the financial industry sub-forum, China Merchants Bank share Wi-Fi building experience. The participated customers express strong interest in this experience sharing and ask lots of questions.

Sundary is committed to "continuous innovation" as an inexhaustible motive force of its development. Since its inception, it has created several “first” wireless technologies: In 2013, Sundray technique pioneered WeChat-based certified wireless access in the industry; In 2014, Sundray Technologies introduced advertising push wireless capabilities and wireless Internet behavior management technique based on keyword search...... With "continuous innovation" concept, Sundray has blazed out a unique wireless road of their characteristics.。Up to now, Sundray Technologies has provided wireless network solutions for over 5,000 families across the country. I believe that in the near future, Sundray Technologies wireless products will be applied to networks of more users.


Published date:2015-07-07
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