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Appear on Zhongguancun investment road show, Sundray Technologies shares channel development strategy
From June - September in 2015, the "2015 Zhongguancun Online Channel Partners O2O Channel Investment Conference" hosted online by Zhongguancun was launched in 24 cities across the country; as a online cooperation unit of Zhongguancun, Sundray Technologies participated entirely in the series of meetings and shared its advantages of products and channel development strategy with distribution and channel partners from all over the country.
As a equipment manufacturer who focus on the enterprise level wireless market, Sundray Technologies not only provides safe online services for enterprise users, but also focuses on improving the network bandwidth value to users through wireless network. Combined with a variety of security authentication, authority management and control, behavior audit, data protection, anti phishing, etc as well as the deep integration of Internet behavior management function, the wireless products of Sundray Technologies fully ensure the security of wireless network access and transmission. At the same time, the wireless products of Sundray Technologies are embedded with value-added marketing module which includes passenger flow analysis, advertising push, WeChat attention to absorb fans and other functions and customized advertising information can be sent to the user terminal through WeChat, SMS, web and other forms. One of the most characteristic features is the keyword marketing function which can push the advertising information set in advance to the user terminal by keyword matching according to the keywords input by users.

At the conference, Sundray Technologies also shared its channel policy highlights with channels present:  no overstock, strictly manage and market supports. In order to reduce channel pressure and channel business risks and regulate market behavior, Sundray Technologies does not overstock and strictly prevents inputting goods from a cheap way to ensure channel interest. In addition, Sundray Technologies also released 2015 channel incentive policies and gave generous rewards to channels that completed performance objectives.

As the application layer wireless leadership brand, Sundray Technologies adheres to customer demand-oriented and is committed to creating the most secure and marketing application layer wireless network solutions for users. Up to now, Sundray Technologies has provided wireless network solutions to more than 5000 users in accumulation in scenic spot, health care, finance, commercial supermarkets, hotels, education, enterprises, government and other industries and is the fastest growing wireless technology manufacturer in the industry.
Published date:2015-06-10
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