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Sundray Technologies has won excellent solution for enterprise wireless office award.
In December 18, the 12th China Network Management Technology Conference wrapped up in Nikko New Century Hotel- Beijing. The General Assembly is held by China Information Industry Development Institute undertaken by "network operation and management" magazine, which is an annual large-scale network technology exchange activities in IT industry. The meeting also released the results from the large-scale survey activities like "2014 China IT product satisfaction survey" launched by "Network Operation and Management" magazine, and selected nearly 20 awards of this Assembly. As an wireless solutions vendor in aspect of application, Sundray Technologies was invited to participate in the conference, and won the 2014 China IT product satisfaction survey "Enterprise wireless office Excellent Solution Award" as only one wireless solution winner in the General Assembly.
China Network Management Technology Conference, as an annual technical recognition event (has been held for 10 consecutive years), is intended to recommend the best technical solutions suitable for users to the majority of enterprises and institutions users in an objective, neutral and impartial manner from the user's point of view. The Sundray Technologies’s honor of the award is also inseparable from the support from thousands of users.
In the rapid development of information technology, especially explosive growth of mobile terminal today, we are experiencing a revolution from "wired" to "wireless" network. Innovative information technology and products have brought tremendous value to corporate customers. For example, memory technology replaces the traditional paper-based media, which could reduce costs while improve the security of the data; notebook changes the way corporate office operates, and BYOD becomes possible; a nd what change will a good wireless network bring about for the enterprise?
First, employees can "willfully" hold the computer to go through all areas of the office. For example, employees can work through the internet access in the morning on the second floor office area, and then learn in the training room in the afternoon on the third floor, while in the evening, they could hold a meeting and report in conference room on the fourth floor. Without a wired network interface, and without repeated landing and wireless connection, they can work at anytime and anywhere freely, which greatly improve office efficiency. Sundray wireless supports seamless roaming, automatic channel tuning and automatic power adjustment to avoid a faulty signal blind spots and ensure corporate office Wi-Fi stable and reliable at anytime.

 Secondly, give priority to the office of bandwidth, control of non-office bandwidth traffic. When the employee access to the network, sometimes they "spare efforts to work", using the OA office software; sometimes they are “distracted” to watch online video or P2P download. At this time, some coworkers will complain network is very slow and unstable. The reason is that when a large number of concurrent users are using the network freely without control, the office bandwidth would be seriously occupied. As an wireless network leader on application, Sundray Technologies has the nation's largest wireless network application recognition library and URL database. It can accurately identify Internet application traffic and real-time monitoring, and support administrators to customize the flow control policy, giving priority to ensuring normal Office bandwidth for OA, and ERP systems.

Finally, the isolation between office network, and guest network could ensure enterprise information security. When employees access to the network, they may access to the company's "R & D", "finance" and other sensitive areas of the network, it may privately enable the software come with computer build Wi-Fi hotspots, which is likely to cause intentional or inadvertent disclosure of sensitive data of the company. These will undoubtedly cause huge information security risks. Sundray wireless supports up to eight kinds of authentication access. For employees at different departments and at different levels, it can assign different SSID, and authentication methods and grant different access permissions to fully protect network data security. In addition, Sundray Technologies also supports WIPS and Network behavior audit function and quickly counter phishing WiFi (or illegal hotspot Wi-Fi), and have real-time recording for employees access operation. It would give timely warning when error occurs and save the record, becoming an Incarnation of "Internet police".

Sundray Technologies, will continue to focus on wireless research and continuous improvement, and strive to provide the most outstanding and the most valuable enterprise-class wireless networking solutions.


Published date:2014-12-29
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