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The market share of Sundray Technologies in China WLAN market expands again


According to the latest data released by IDC, as a company specializing in enterprise wireless, smart switches and Internet of things, the market share of Sundray Technologies in China WLAN market expands again. Sundray ranks the top 3 Chinese WLAN companies.

The reason that Sundray can rapidly develop into the top 3 company is not only because Sundray has focused on continuous innovation in the field of enterprise wireless in recent years, but also Sundray has always maintained a keen market insight and always solved the needs of end users. Sundray offers the most suitable solutions for each scenario, go forward with quick response and quality services.

Based on the scene, subvert the tradition

At the beginning of the establishment, Sundray was committed to building the next generation enterprise WLAN. We are not only simply solving the traditional issues of wireless coverage, but more about the wireless security, operation, management and value-added requirements. Whether it is the one-click authentication configuration, the visualized interface, or a high level of integrated controller without additional equipment, even diversified and easy-to-use marketing functions, zero-configuration, and XAC platform with unified operation. Sundray has always been committed to reducing the cost of wireless deployment and difficulty of operation and maintenance management.

For specific industry scenarios, Sundray technology is optimized by profound understanding and technological precipitation. From typical BYOD to e-schoolbags, wireless medical care, wireless marketing, and popular smart cities, Sundray has solved problems of security, stability, roaming, high density load, value-added and ultra-large-scale network operation. , And still continue to tap new application scenarios to solve new problems faced by users.

Independent innovation meets diversified needs

Sundray has never been a wireless company lacking innovation factors. We not only pay attention to the stability and speed of wireless coverage, but also pay more attention to user experience and value innovation.

From highly integrated firewalls, authentication servers, to integrated online behavior management, to wired and wireless integration; from the first use of WeChat authentication, to the combination of wireless for promotion and passenger flow analysis, and then to applied behavior accurate marketing and big data analysis; from the field of wireless to IoT and smart switches, every new release of Sundray Technology is bound to make everyone shine. The research and development abilities and innovation capabilities of Sundray have also been certified by CMMI5. It is one of the few wireless companies in China that has obtained this certification.

Sundray could meet diverse needs of users according to the characteristics of different industries and scenes. Precisely because of this, Sundray wireless solutions can be obtained the trust by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Anhui Provincial People’s Government, China Merchants Bank, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Liangzhou Wireless City, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Guangxi Medical University, Zhangjiajie Scenic Area, Emeishan Scenic Area, Huaqiang Electronic World, Geely Automobile, Haiyin Group etc., more than 45,000 industry users.

Quick Response

Facts have proved that companies have faster respond to the market will have higher competitiveness. Whether it is presales or aftersales, Sundray insists on a 30-minute response mechanism. For the new demands and applications put forward by users, we will send to R&D department for communication and assessment to design the feasibility plan. Once the demand is mature, new functions will be quickly integrated into the products.

Sundray will quickly respond to users for all issues feedback by users, then eliminate the fault, and ensure the user's network is unblocked.

Nowadays, the combination of wireless and big data and various applications is getting closer. The development of Internet of Things is also in full swing. The speed of product replacement is getting faster and faster, and the competition among manufacturers will be fiercer. Looking into the future, we have reason to believe that with a modest attitude, never forget our first minds and solve problems in the user's real situation, we will be able to continue our steps in the blue ocean market.