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Smart road light solution


As part of the municipal construction, street lamps play an important role in urban life. The traditional street lamps mainly provide lighting for urban roads and can also be used as monitoring rods and advertisement poles. However, there are still many problems in the application of this foundation .

1.Manual, light control, clock: susceptible to the seasonal, natural weather and human factors, the light is not bright, the extinguished extinguished, resulting in energy waste and financial burden.


2.Can not remotely modify the switch light time: can not be based on the actual situation (weather changes, major events, festivals) in a timely manner and modify the switch light time, LED dimming can not, can not achieve the second energy-saving.


3.Street lamps do not have the status of monitoring: the fault is mainly based on complaints reported by residents and complaints from the public, the lack of initiative, timeliness and reliability, can not be real-time, accurate and comprehensive monitoring of the city's street lights operating conditions.


4.Ordinary manual inspection: The lack of a unified management capacity of scheduling, can only be carried out by the individual distribution cabinet unit to adjust, not only time-consuming and laborious, but also increases the possibility of human error.


5.Equipment easy to lose fault can not locate: can not accurately find the cable piracy, lamp stolen and open circuit, in the event of the above will bring tremendous economic losses, while affecting the public's normal life and travel safety.

Therefore, with intelligent management of outdoor lighting solutions become a hot street management. As the manufacturer of enterprise-class wireless products, Sundray Technologies has been assisting with the construction of smart street lights. Public Wi-Fi, as a part of the smart street lamp, plays a very important role:

Take advantage of the smart city's perceptual infrastructure to realize the full Wi-Fi coverage in major urban areas, allowing citizens to connect to the Internet in places such as roads, scenic spots, bus stops and squares and enjoy the benefits of smart cities. At the same time, Fi certification page advertising, you can become a smart city's business profit point.

Let's take a look at what Sundray can do in the project?


Now, why do smart street lamps and enterprise wireless manufacturers to cooperate? We all know that the wisdom of street lights has gradually become a systems engineering, such as monitoring, wireless coverage, charging piles, etc., so the need for professional manufacturers to provide professional products. Cooperating with enterprise-level wireless manufacturers can not only ensure wireless coverage, but also contribute to the rapid development of smart street lighting products in terms of establishing a standardized module of smart street lights; and can effectively guarantee network security and data analysis.


What's the highlights Sundray offers?

1. Wi-Fi coverage

Outdoor AP uses the industry's highest IP68 protection rating designed to meet the outdoor extreme conditions, support closed waterproof, moisture, dust and fire, sun protection, etc .; to meet the -40 ° C-70 ° C ultra-long span of the operating temperature. Provide Wi-Fi Internet services to the public, provide protection for government online services, enhance the quality of public soft services and enhance public interaction with the government.

2. Wi-Fi marketing

WeChat promotion, event promotion, promotional advertising. Built-in O2O marketing, to meet the needs of road operations in all directions WeChat promotion of the government, publicity of government activities, commercial promotion advertising, online booking, electronic interpretation of electronic attractions, navigation.

3. Bigdata

According to the user's Internet habits and preferences, and through the big data analysis of data operations.

4、Security protection

Sundray offer anti-phishing and device based policy management.