Wuzhong - Sundray Intelligent City


Introduction:1 central apparatus room,8 branch apparatus,44 4A level scenic spot,1000+ wireless access point,10K+customers connection at the same time, Sundray designed and finished the  Wuzhong tourist attraction wireless cover and already running for 6 months without any issue.

Wuzhong Scenic Brief Introduction

Wuzhong scenic wireless project covers all the major 4A scenic (Chinese scenic divides 3 levels,3A,4A and 5A,5A is the top one) within Jiangsu province in China, it is part of the “Smart City Wuzhong”, also one of the government’s plan list in 2016.

In “Smart City Wuzhong” project, wireless coverage means a lot as the wide range covered AP collect the data automatically, which provides more convenient service on every aspect of tourist‘s demand such as foods, entertains ,traffics. etc.

Project Design

Wuzhong tourist department requires security,stale running and marketing on the Wi-Fi system. Base on the rules of certificate on the cloud side, export on the local side, Sundray set up 8 branch and 1 could computing center. The flow data outputs from local bandwidth and certificated data will be transferred to the cloud side. The bandwidth in each branch could be deployed base on end connection and load bearing.

Sundray designed Wechat connecting, clients flow analysis, wireless group management, expansion,compatibility and IAM altogether multifunctional solution.

More Manageable

In this case, Sundray put 2 controllers in central room as operation center, managing all the branch controller. All the branch controllers manage the Aps. If branch controller is down, Center controller could play the role as the branch controller directly and manage the AP to keep it running. It a perfect solution so handle the bottleneck of single gateway export data.

What’s more, the cost will be cut off at least 32% and upgrade the data roaming and disaster recovery.

More flexible

One of the difficulties of this project is the complicity and variety of the covered area. High density of population area, mountain top that hard to reach and also some protective unit, in concern of the projection of the culture and environment. After serious consideration, Sundray team took different installation method to fit in and ensure best protection of the scenic at the same time.

Sundray AP could perform well under the various tempeture and climate, which benefits from anti moisture & fire Sundray feature. What’s more, Sundray product also support anti-thunder to prevent from thunder attack; Sundray AP could work between -40°C~70°C,10 dBi.

More safe

Sundray takes actions to ensure the information safety: The platform was placed in the governor cloud computing room, which is level 3 info security; Next generation firewall including intrusion prevention, IPS vulnerability protection, identify abnormal behavior and blocking, DDoS attacks or sensitive information theft and IAM.

More widely usage

More than 1.17 million device has been connected to Sundray AP since December of 2016.On the Labor Holiday,clients using Wi-Fi reached the number of 12653 totally. Sundray AP keeps smooth running during high density connection.

In concern of client usage experience, Sundray uses the most simplify Wechat authentication instead of SMS.

Wins the reward of intelligent tourism project

By providing intelligent and information application, “Smart Wuzhong” Project makes all clients benefits from safe, convenient, caring service. Sundray supports more scenic spots and city projects, motivates more people to have more joyful Wi-Fi experience.