多种无线认证方式 总有一种是你想要的

Multi-way Authentication

Supports a variety of wireless authentication methods such as Portal authentication, RADIUS authentication, Wechat authentication, SMS authentication, QR code authentication, 802.1X authentication, CA Certificate authentication, APP download authentication, temporary visitor authentication, third-party database authentication etc.

微信连Wi-Fi 新一代微信认证   公众号关注   Wi-Fi上网一步到位

Wechat WIFI Connecting
New Generation Wechat WIFI  Public ID Attention  Wi-Fi Easy Connection

WeChat authentication Combines Wi-Fi authentication with WeChat Public ID attention, bringing the innovation of wireless authentication method.

New Generation WeChat authentication perfectly supports WeChat Wi-Fi, effectively simplifying the end-user Internet access. 

Largely enhance the end-user Internet experience, increase the number of WeChat public fans, to bring more business value to businesses.

手机短信认证 最经典的认证方式  没有之一

SMS Authentication
Most common authentication

Integrated SMS Gateway authentication, no need need to build a server to have dynamic verification code authentication. Users can enter the mobile number then get the verification code, which will reduce the rub of network, effectively make sure the security of wireless Internet access , but also for subsequent precision marketing provides first-hand information.

APP下载认证  应用分发市场外的又一大APP推广利器

APP authentication 
The best way for APP Promotion

APP authentication obtains Internet access via downloading APP, downloading app before authentication, installation and activation then you could connect to the Internet. At the same time, download APP using wireless traffic, not ISP traffic, So no worry to consume large user data flow due to APP package downloading.

二维码审核认证 扫描即可上网 安全简便

OR Code authentication
Once scan then connect wifi  simple and safe

After the user connects the SSID, the QR code page pops up automatically. The visitor can scan the OR Code which be created by designated approver authorized terminal devices, then the visitor can access to the Internet. and record the user's access action in the form of auditor + user terminal MAC + note to ensure the security, meanwhile, the network access is traceable.

临时访客认证  灵活授权 有效管理

Temporary visitors authentication
Flexible approval  Effective management

Regarding access users, not only needs to provide safe and effective authentication, but also needs to simplify the certification process as much as possible. Sundray wireless integrated temporary user management system, users only need to manually enter the temporary guest account and password to access the external network, and can set the effective duration, beyond the validity period to regain access authorization.

802.1X高级认证 一键配置 跟复杂命令行说再见

802.1X advanced authentication
One key configuration Say goodbye on complicated Command line

Traditional authentication scheme on terminal configuration is complicated, Sundray 802.1X certification provides a key configuration tool. End users simply download the configuration tool, then could quickly have wireless access configuration.

支持关联外部数据库  认证方式灵活定制

Supports thid-party database 
Flexible customization on authentication

Except above authentications, Sundray controller supports external CA, RADIUS, LDAP, AD domain and Third-party certificate etc authentication methods, easily support some advanced authentication based on Employee ID, Student ID, Passport ID, VIP Account ID etc.

支持作为认证服务器 对接友商设备实现统一认证

As a authentication Server
Supports others WIFI Vendor devices to have unified authentication

Traditional WIFI vendors Supports single device authentication method, and need to increase the authentication method or unify the authentication methods when expanding other brand devices. Now, even if we already deployed other brands of Controller or AP devices, we can do unified certification based on Sundray controller, and supports a variety of authentication methods.

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