无线安全 端到端的安全防护

Wireless Security
End-to-End Network Security

Internal and external network separation construction, Internet access rights management, Internet behavior management, Internet behavior audit, WIDS / WIPS system, anti-virus ...... Multiple protection to make your network more secure and controllable.

Isolation of internal and external Network  Make sure network security from access side

Sundray technology wireless AP access point device supports up to 32 VLANs, according to the different locations, needs to create isolation mutually, independence of each wireless network. And isolates the wireless terminal under the same VLAN, reduce the broadcast range, ARP isolation, prevent flood attacks. Make sure network security to a higher level.


Block Fishing AP and Portable WIFI

Sundray Wireless supports automatic detection of phishing Wi-Fi, which can effectively prevent the terminal from accessing maliciously deployed phishing APs, to avoid leakage of user information, and manage and shuffle portable Wi-Fi to prevent flooding of Wi-Fi signals and occupy office bandwidth resources, meanwhile reduce the risk of user information being stolen.

Intelligent Terminal Devices Identification + Fine Network Management Rights 

Sundray wireless devices intelligently identify access terminals and operating systems, and support Internet access according to the terminal type and operating system category. In addition, different access policies are setted according to the authentication mode, geographical location, and time, so that the specified network can be controlled by the designated terminal.


Internet Access Management based on applications

Built-in the country's largest application identification library and URL address library, built-in up to 2400 kinds of applications and 30 million URLs, with regular updates. Supports Internet Behavior Management based on the application and URL address.

Through the application-level access control policy, you can flexibly set different groups' access rights to groups of users (such as employees not allowed to visit entertainment websites during working time), block or deny access to designated applications or risky websites, and avoid illegal websites or poses a threat to user information by applications.

Telecomunication tunnel encryption/Data encryption
Data encryption Protection

Sundray Wireless controller provides double data encryption, using AES Advanced Encryption Standard and TKIP wireless encryption protocol of data encryption on Internet traffic, allowing only authorized users to access the key data, Meantime using RC4 encryption algorithm and CAPWAP encryption protocol in the data transmission, effectively avoiding the risk of data being tampered with during data transmission, and ensuring data transmission security.


智能无线入侵检测   将威胁拒之门外

智能无线入侵检测  将威胁拒之门外
Intelligent Wireless Intrusion Detection
Against Threat

Sundray Wireless technology supports WIDS function configuration, by analyzing the transmission data in the network to determine the destruction of systems and intrusion issues, automatically detect wireless intrusions and alarm, remind IT managers to make sure network security in time.


无线防御系统 针对性化解无线威胁

Wireless defense system  Resolve Wireless Threats

Integrated WIPS system can automatically detect and anti-phishing signals, flood attacks, ARP attacks, DHCP attacks DDos attacks, effectively blocking the network attacks, make sure wireless security.

上网行为审计  满足公安部82号令

Audit Access Logs

Integrated Internet audit access logs feature,  can do online behavior audit without the need for third-party equipment, but not limited to: HTTP outgoing content, visit the Web site / download, mail, FTP, Telnet, web application behavior, web application usage and duration and other content identification and access logs, to makre sure Internet behavious has a proven track record, well documented.

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