Declearation Documents

Distribution Channel

Dear users, partners:

In the long-term strong support of the majority of users and partners, Sudnray technology business scale to grow and develop, the brand influence in the industry have been greatly improved. Recently, we've noticed that some e-commerce platforms have seen the sale of letterhead technology products.

In order to avoid the situation that the equipment purchased by the user is genuine non-brand new genuine technology and protect the rights and interests of the vast number of users and partners, we hereby declare the following:

1. In addition, the Sudnray technology does not authorize any businesses and individuals through Taobao, Jingdong Mall and other e-commerce platform to sell their equipment;

2.Sundray is a wireless application service provider of devices and solutions for enterprise customers, as well as non-home and personal consumer electronics manufacturers. Only authorized authorized distributors and service partners of Sundray certified technicians have the ability to provide users with Sudnray technology products solutions and continue to provide equipment operation and maintenance upgrades based on their network applications and the functional performance of Sundray equipment service;

3.Users through the authorized channels to purchase Sundray technical equipment and solutions and services, letter Rui technology will provide users with product and service serial number, the establishment of operation and maintenance service information system to protect

4. In addition, various types of e-commerce platform appears Sundray technical brand products, "sellers", which may have a certain number of fake Sundray technical trademark of the equipment, may not have any equipment, please purchase Sundray technology products users And partners cautiously identify the authenticity of information. For any products under the brand names of "Sundray Technology", "Sundray" which are sold through any e-commerce platform, Sundray Technology does not provide any guarantee or guarantee whether the product is genuine or not Nor shall they assume any legal liability. The liability for breach of contract arising out of the "sellers" on various e-commerce platforms that can not be delivered on time shall be borne by the corresponding "sellers" and Sundray Technology shall not bear any relevant legal liabilities.

5.The fake Sundray technology registered trademark "seller" and after reminds still refused to assume regulatory obligations e-commerce platform organizer, Sundray technology reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

Hereby declare

​Sundray Technology