Training Course

Modular Course

培训对象 Training Contents

Including Wireless site survey, wireless installation, network optimization, operation and technical maintenance.

培训方式 Training Method


培训目标Training Target

Trainees should learn

1, Independently complete site survey, clarifying the location and quantity of wireless AP deployments and issuing wireless deployment program.

2, independent complete the installation, configuration of Wireless Products.

3, Independently complete the operation and maintenance of wireless network environment such as optimization and trouble shooting

4, Independently give presentation on general feature and technology of Sundray wireless solutions.

培训时长 Training Duration

Theoretical Training 60 hours+Experiments 30 hours,totally 90 hours

实验环境 Experiment Environment

Suggest 4 people use one set experimental devices(1*Controller+1*PoE Switch+2*AP)

Course Content

Stage Theoretical Training(A) Theoretical Training(B) Actual Operation

1、Entry cases

2、Basic Knowledge of wireless

3、Interface presentation

1、Product functions

2、Network basic knowledge

1、Establish Experiment Environment, activate AP and transmit signal, then access to the internet, familiar with interface configuration.


1、Product deployment

2、Experiment of deployment

1、Wireless authentication approval

1、Wireless basic authentication experiment, feature experience


1、Wechat authentication

2、Marketing Center

1、Guest authentication

2、Wechat authentication

1、Customer flow analysis


1、Antenna installation of outdoor AP

2、Site survey in office building/

Solution Presentation

1、Site survey guidance

2、Site survey presentation:High Density/Mid Density/Outdoor AP

3、AP Installation Guidance

1、Site survey on office building

2、Site survey solution 


1、Outdoor AP Deployment

2、Experiment Examination

3、Outdoor site survey

1、Outdoor Site Survey

2、Outdoor Site survey solution output

1、Ourdoor site suvey solution


1、General network knowledge introduction

2、Software using:wireshark/IxChariot/Omnipeek

1、New-added feature course

2、Radius server establishment

3、Enterprise Level wireless authentication

1、Enterprise Level authentication experiments, including 802.1x and certificates experiments


1、Establish network environment(Remote+Webagent+HA Mode)

2、Experiments in actual scenario

1、VPN function

2、data center

3、centralized management

1、VPN、audit、centralized management


1、Fat AP deployment

2、Fat AP and Fit AP switching experiments,Fat AP deployment

1、Software controller installation

2、Software controller local iinstallation experiment

1、General network topology design


1、General trouble shooting for Wechat authentication

2、General trouble shooting

1、Sundray solution acceptance and optimization

2、Wireless Project guidance

1、End of training