enterprise wireless network construction

Intranet safety+ access controll+ wireless optimization
High-speed,steady wireless enterprise network coverage

Office, guest network isolation,ensure the safety of intranet;

Refined authority management, flexible Internet access for employees; Network intelligent optimization, mobile office network more rapid and stable.

4 major problems when facing the wireless construction network

4 major problems when facing the wireless construction network
  • wireless security

    traditional enterprise wireless plan do not divide the intranet and internet,big risk for company data security

  • wifi experience

    Low access performance of common equipment, poor coverage effect, network drop, slow card slow phenomenon, affecting mobile office efficiency.

  • 权限划分.png

    Lack of delicated visit limitation, could not divide the internet visit policy base on department, terminal and employees.

  • 认证方式.png

    The traditional Internet access method is cumbersome and requires external authentication server.

Mulityple protection in 1 box
More safe enterprise wireless network

Fine access control strategy, terminal, identity and other multi-dimensional access mechanism to ensure access to legitimate terminals.;

Flexible partition of VLAN to support network user isolation based on port, terminal and identity to ensure the security of Intranet information.;

In combination with the communication tunnel and the transmission data encryption function, effectively prevent the network data from being caught in the air and tampered with.;

Built-in enterprise-class firewall, WIPS/WIDS system, effectively prevent hacker attacks and ensure enterprise data security.。

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Wireless optimazation technology
High-speed movable working office

Based on the bandwidth management of the gap resources, the bandwidth is allocated flexibly, and the internal network and office application are given priority.;

One-button block ad-hoc, portable wi-fi, reduce wireless environment interference, and prevent personal hotspot from occupying office bandwidth.;

Multiple Qos broadcast optimization, reduce spam message, improve network performance over 50%.;

The exclusive agreement stack speeds up the patented technology, solves the problem of slow, packet loss, and improves the wireless transmission rate of 1.5 to 4 times.。

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Movable office
Steady wireless like wired

L2/L3 seamless roaming, mobile office is not bound by cable, anytime and anywhere is your office space.;

5G terminal is preferred to 5G frequency band, avoiding the problem of overload and wireless interference of 2.4g frequency band.;

With high density load balancing, all terminals are automatically connected to the nearest optimal AP and enjoy the smoothest Internet speed.;

1+1 redundant disaster preparation and AP automatic power, channel adjustment, avoid single point of failure caused network interruption, off line.


You determine your emplyees's online behavior

Combined with the function of wireless Internet access, different departments and roles can be assigned different access rights.;

Built-in online behavior management, based on application, URL setting authority, working time to eliminate video, download and other entertainment activities.;

The integration behavior audit function, the audit is based on the web application message, the external network mail and so on content, the sensitive information traces the source.。

Multiple authentication
Effectively distinguish between employee and visitor access.

Built-in network authentication server and certificate issuing center, easy to connect with the original network authentication mode and equipment;

Support 802.1X, AD domain and other advanced authentication methods, can combine employee number, terminal setting authentication mode;

WeChat certification, qr code verification authentication, SMS authentication and other authentication modes can be selected, the visitor authentication is simple and fast;

The visitor's access to the Internet is flexible, and the bandwidth flow and network access are easily controlled.

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功能强大  管理却很简单

Powerful functions
But more easy management

Unique advanced authentication key configuration tool, easy to manage, simple and convenient.;

The traditional command line management, full web visual interface, reduced operation and maintenance personnel management difficulty;

Built-in AP hotspot map, real-time monitoring of terminal access, network operation status, timely troubleshooting.;

Wired wireless integration, wireless background can be wired network configuration management, reduce enterprise network cost.

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