Wireless Marketing
Stronger functions than imagine

​Information collection, advertisement push, customer flow analysis, big data analysis, 4 marketing features integrated in the system.

Strong marketing information recording
Get first-hand effective marketing materials

Sundray Controller could record wechat open ID, mobile number, registered account number via wechat,SMS,APP Authentication,and supports one-key export information,offering effective and accurate data for customer future marketing promotion.


If via wechat authentication, customer could build the brand fans community rapidly, and push relevant discount and promotional activities etc., build a O2O economic entity.


Multi-way Marketing Push
Push every marketing information

Sundray Controller supports different types marketing push, the contents we push could base on words, pictures, hyperlink etc formats, also via sms, wechat picture, webpage.


Among them, the web authentication page can be customized into a carousel advertisement, logo picture, text background, Flash, HTML dynamic page and the like. Compared with the traditional authentication page, the authentication page is more abundant and the advertisement editing is more flexible.


Key words marketing
Advertisement reach accurately

The first online search based on Internet users to conduct advertising search, by matching the user on engine searching or mobile APP searching content, trigger pre-set keyword ads, integrated page ads, full screen ads, SMS, WeChat and other formats of push.


Flexible setting of push strategy
Ads marketing platform based on scenario

Based on time (time period, online duration), location (different AP location), group (dining area, closing area), user behaviour (Occurence times) set different push contents and redirecting Webpage, to make Sundray controller becomes a strong marketing pushing center. Sundray Controller can do customization on pushing policy based on special scenrio and special customer demands, increase the effectiveness of advertisements.


Customer flow analysis
access traffic、customer traffic、duration period、Popular attention

 Sundray technology supports to do 

Sundray technology support for all customer terminal information statistics and analysis, and distribution, thermograms and other forms of visual display, in order to provide a reference to business supervisors  on business decisions. Such as the number new and old customers daily, customer dwell time, customer terminal device type, Customer flow density distribution.

  • New and Old customers

  • Customer dwell time

  • Customer terminal device type

  • Customer flow density distribution


Big data analysis
what kind of ads to push、how to push,using big data

Built-in data center records and analyzes all online behaviors and habits of end users accessing the wireless network, collects and ranks keywords searched by users in browsers and APPs such as Baidu, Google, Tmall, Jingdong, etc., and deeply records users' Internet preferences, and then set the targeted advertising push contents, make ads push more accurate.

Wi-Fi营销  你说了算
WIFI Marketing You are decision Maker

The biggest differences with the commercial Wi-Fi is that Sundray technology gives the Wi-Fi constructor full decision-making rights, if you want to push what kind of ads contents, how to push, you are decision maker, self-built Wi-Fi no longer appear the ads information of other companies or even competitiors.

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