Xuzhou Chinese Medical Hospital Using Sundray Wireless


With the new medical system reform and the development of informatization construction of China's public health system, the traditional medical business began to shift to the mobile end, through the wireless network hosted "mobile medical treatment" has become the medical industry's business model. More and more medical institutions hope to build a wireless network system to meet the needs of mobile medical services, such as mobile home inspection, mobile infusion, electronic medical records, and personnel asset positioning. As one of the first basic modernized traditional Chinese hospitals in jiangsu province, xuzhou municipal hospital of traditional Chinese medicine has put forward such demand.

Xuzhou city hospital was founded in 1956, is a collection of medical treatment, health care, rehabilitation, education, scientific research, community health service in the integration of national level 3 grade hospital, affiliated hospital of nanjing medical university, is the first basic modernization in jiangsu province hospital. In line with the wisdom of hospital for medical system construction, provide better services for patients and comfortable medical environment, to cooperate with Sundray technology, building the perfect wireless network system covering the floor ward.

The overall goal of the wireless network system construction in the ward of xuzhou municipal hospital of traditional Chinese medicine is to build a wireless network system covering all the wards of the hospital, wireless coverage of the south and north wards, and mobile medical treatment. Sundray technology has designed a wireless network scheme suitable for hospitals through preliminary engineering survey and combined with the actual needs of hospitals.

The overall wireless network coverage of Sundray technology employs nearly 600 wireless devices, which ensures the normal Internet use of patients and hospital staff in hospitals. Sundray technology in hospital wards to install panel AP, install the AP type suction a top on the hallway, the two AC wireless controller dual computer hot standby, and by two switches, network access to the hospital, effectively guarantee the stability of the wireless wi-fi is not dropped.

For hospital wards, nurses often need through the PDA terminal patient wristbands scanning recognition and drugs, ensure clinical accuracy and timeliness of information processing to realize the collection of patient information, orders, such as operation, the scope of work and the nursing information system, in the form of wi-fi coverage to ward, realize the nurse's mobile medical office.

For patients, most of the time will be relatively boring in hospital, to provide better services for patients, have more choice way to relax, hospital to provide patients with convenient wireless networks, in addition to see the video, some patients will still use wireless network take-away, grocery shopping, etc., excellent experience.

The rapid development of smart medical treatment and wireless network has provided more convenient and comfortable experience for citizens to seek medical treatment and hospitalization. As the next generation enterprise level wireless leading manufacturer, Sundray technology will continue to make efforts in the construction of smart medical wireless network, and continuously meet users' requirements of scene.