long-distance network

A long-distance network,Remote management, not afraid anymore!

Unified networking + centralized management +VPN+ personalized marketing = perfect wireless network and brand marketing system.

Four problems

4 major problems to be solved in wireless construction of chain branches
  • unified network

    The distribution of store organization is scattered, and the current situation of each store network is different

  • centralized management

    Most stores do not have professional network engineers, and the traditional plan configuration is complex, management and maintenance difficult

  • network security

    Most stores adopt ordinary household level routers with low security mechanism and WiFi security risks

  • individualized marketing

    The traditional scheme of WiFi security risk can only realize simple authentication of page advertisement, and the advertising style and promotion mode are single

Unified deployment

Unified deployment college
break beyond the "fragmented" situation

Headquarters deployment AC (support cloud platform), stores deployment AP, the same network, unified external image;


Once the same AC is certified, it will be valid in different places, and the branch will no longer need to authorize wi-fi;


Support DHCP, PPPoE, store AP direct dial-up Internet access, cross - operator network is not a problem.


centralized management

Centralized control and flexible hierarchical decentralization

The network management strategy is uniformly configured and distributed. The AP of the store is zero configured;


Support group management, sub-office, sub-area, sub-role authorization, complex network management simplification;


Real-time view of the access status of all regions and stores, the network traffic and operation status of stores throughout the country is clear.


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network security

Professional security solutions for enterprise level protection

Integrate enterprise-level firewall and anti-phishing AP functions to ensure access to users and business data security;


Compatible with IPSec VPN, set up remote access exclusive channels for branches to protect the internal network office system;


Built-in online behavior management, behavior audit, support based on zoning, stores, AP, application control network use.


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Precision marketing

Precision marketing creates O2O closed loop

Support online mobile phone, WeChat and APP information collection and one-click export to obtain first-hand potential customer marketing materials;


The built-in marketing center supports accurate push of customized advertisements based on regional, store, time, group and other forms;


The passenger flow analysis and data statistics are in place step by step, and the human flow, resident duration and hot search contents of branches are intuitively displayed.


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