Seamless roaming + Wireless Marketing
Professional scenic Wi-Fi coverage solution

L2/L3 Seamless Roaming + Trunk bridge, ensure the coverage and connection for wide area scenic;

Build-in marketing center,push the introduction and content base on time and location,more user caring solution!


4 major problems when facing the scenic wireless network construction
  • 覆盖.png

    Scenic area, geography, climate and complicated environment, ordinary router equipment can not meet the demand

  • 用户体验.png

    Poor user experience in high density connection area,complicated internet access,frequent off-line roaming

  • 功能单一.png

    3rd party marketing and portal needed, higher the cost of network construction.

  • 增值应用.png

    Less WiFi-based smart scenic applications , simple connection only

  • 室外无线AP.png

  • Top protection degree outdoor AP
    Fix all the outdoor scenario

    IP68 top protection ,Waterproof, fire and sun protection;


    Antenna-fed lightning protection, professional lightning protection design, effectively avoid equipment damage caused by lightning;


    -40 ° C ~ 70 ° C super-long span of working temperature;


    10dBi outdoor dedicated high-gain directional / omnidirectional antenna, with the relay bridge


    Know more about outdoor AP case

扫码上网  人流再密集也不怕

Code scanning to access the Internet
Not afraid for high traffic

Support SMS, WeChat, QR code, up to 12 kinds of authentication methods, simple,effective;

One time certification, smooth roaming switch within coverage zone;

Support 100+ for each AP,no problem for high density time;

Intelligent load balancing, high-density area automatically select the best AP access

Internet experience leverage

Know more about internet optimization

  • 运营才是关键

  • Not just coverage,marketing makes difference

    Bulid-in marketing center,push the introduction,discount, information base on location and time;


    No need 3rd party application,raphical display of passenger flow distribution, flexible and intuitive statistics on the total length of stay of tourists;

    Original keyword marketing, according to the user search content match, SMS, WeChat, push whatever you like;


    Big data analysis,marketing base on perferred secenic,hot search,and internet behavior. 

    Know more about wireless marketing


  • 景区WIFi.png

  • Interlligent Scenic
    Wi-Fi is neccessary

    interactive marketing, online ticketing, special promotions in one step;


    Built-in positioning probe, easy positioning navigation, accuracy of 3 meters or less, the area no longer have to worry about getting los;


    Wireless navigation guide automatic positioning commentary, attractions, historical background, cultural connotation while listening and seeing;


    Wireless print photos, carrying wireless monitoring ... More derivative business, if there is Wi-Fi,there is possible


    Know more about wireless compatible policy

  • 金融安全.png

  • Enterprise level network protection
    Say no to public Wi-Fi security risk

    In line with national public Wi-Fi security testing, the perfect docking network audit platform for public security, Internet records are documented;


    Exclusive anti-fishing AP function, shield privately built personal hotspots, portable Wi-Fi, to avoid false access camouflage, fishing signal;


    Built-in enterprise-class firewall and WIDS / WIPS system, no longer worry about hackers to steal accounts, passwords;


    Support for internal and external network isolation, terminal isolation, scenic office, tourists do not interfere with each other.


    Know more about wireless safety policy

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