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Triple protection strategy to protect students from online health


According to the 39th Statistical Report on China's Internet Development Status, by the end of 2018, the number of Internet users in China has exceeded 800 million, and the Internet population penetration rate is nearly 60%. Among them, the number of the users under the age of 19 has reached 170 million, accounting for 23.4% of all users; the age of the first net of minors has dropped from 15 to 10 years old, and nearly 50% of underage netizens are in primary and middle schools. The stage has already begun to contact the network.

The online access of minors has become a social problem that cannot be ignored. It is imperative to create a safe, healthy and upward network environment for primary and secondary school students. This means that in the construction of campus network, especially in the construction of primary and secondary schools, it is not only concerned with the business bearer of the network, but also needs to pay attention to network security issues.

As a campus network solution provider, Sundray Technology not only provides wired and wireless integrated solutions for campuses, but also integrates multiple network security policies into the campus network to ensure the network’s safety of teachers and students.

Permission division, assign Internet access as needed.

Campus network users have different identities for students, visitors and teachers. Sundray technology can use different Internet settings for different users. For example, the student SSID only allows PAD access, and adopts intelligent PSK authentication (one machine and one code); the teacher uses the account and password authentication to access the Internet; visitors can use the open web audit authentication to access the Internet in public areas or reception areas.

According to different identities, the division of Internet access rights can meet the needs of different people's Internet access, and at the same time divide the boundaries of Internet access and guard network security.

Apply management and control to ensure maximum teaching efficiency.

In addition to providing access to the Internet according to different identities, Sundray technology can also control the Internet according to the application. Sundray’s wireless controller can identify thousands of applications and tens of millions of URLs. By prohibiting teachers and students from using applications such as high-traffic applications that are not related to teaching during working hours, the online behavior of teachers and students is regulated to ensure the efficiency of teaching.

Internal and external considerations, guarding network security.

In order to fully guard the campus network security and prevent users from leaking online information, Sundray wireless provides the school with security protection functions for online behavior. Through the phishing WiFi counter-function to counter the phishing Wi-Fi that may threaten the campus network security, thus ensuring campus network security, Sundray Wireless will automatically monitor similar and unauthorized SSIDs in the campus environment and automatically phish Wi-Fi countering ensures secure access to the network and data.

Sundray Technology is committed to ensuring network security in the education industry and providing a safe and reliable network environment for many users in the education industry. The more secure wireless network has always been the insistence of Sundray. Through different rights division, online behavior control and anti-phishing anti-function, Sundray Technology has built a firewall for the security campus network for teachers and students to fully protect the campus. Net security for teachers and students!