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Sundray model room is newly upgraded, and IoT technology creates future smart classroom space


With the product line and the further enrichment of the scene solution, Sundray Technology has also upgraded the model room in headquarter of the Shenzhen Nanshan Zhiyuan. At present, the renovation of the exhibition hall has been completed,  users and partners are welcome to visit.


The remodeled exhibition hall is divided into several sections, including brand growth, product introduction, scene solution, background function demonstration, smart classroom model room, technical service introduction and so on. In addition to the rich product line, the biggest highlight of this upgrade is the model room of Sundray Spring Silkworm Smart Classroom.


The model rooms are built according to the future classrooms of primary and secondary schools, and are designed to allow visitors to experience the ultimate experience of IoT technology for education and teaching. The show home displays the smart campus large-screen management system, intelligent access control, scene panel, eye protection lights, safe electricity and other contents, fully demonstrating the IoT technology in intelligent linkage, electrical management, air quality testing, energy saving and emission reduction.


In addition to the smart classroom model room, the exhibition area also directly displays the management background of the Sundray V-secure switch. Different from the traditional digital communication products, the Sundray V-secure switch has more stable, safer and more intelligent features. At the same time, through the visual management background, you can clearly see the device types, bandwidth, and security risks that the switch ports access, making IT network operation and maintenance simpler and smarter.


From wireless, to the IOT, to V-secure intelligent switches, Sundray insists on continuous innovation and is committed to providing more valuable network communication solutions for industry users.