安全+管理+权限划分 构建更安全可管理的智能政府无线网络

Safety+management+network permision
More secure and manageable smart government wireless network.

The central government procures shortlisted products, multiple network security protection mechanisms, and fully protects the government's wireless network.


4 major problems

4 major problems when facing the government wireless network
  • network security

    The common network lacks the professional security protection mechanism, the access mechanism is simple, the data is unencrypted, the network security is hidden danger.

  • network access

    Traditional network access is difficult to divide, and it cannot effectively control users, terminals and regions.

  • using experience

    Low performance of common wireless equipment, poor coverage effect, network drop, carton and other phenomena seriously affect the normal use of wireless.

  • wireless network management

    The traditional wireless scheme network management is complex and difficult, and the government unit has limited professional maintenance personnel, and the operation and maintenance and management costs are high.

network firewall
Multiple safety protection
Ensure the network safety

Government office network and visitors network logic isolation, end users are isolated from each other, Internet data encryption transmission.;

Data transmission encryption, using transmission tunnel, transmission data double encryption, effectively prevent network data intercepted, tamper.;

Intergrated with IAM,application database,URL database,Internet access base on appplication;

Built-in enterprise firewall, WIPS/WIDS system, effectively guard against hacking,protecting government network stastics.

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Refinement permission distribution network access flexible control.

Built-in QR code authentication,SMS authentication,802.1X access authentiction 12 types of authentication methods,different authentication for guest & employees;

Control the permissions of different business departments and users, and set access control strategy based on VLAN group, terminal and location;

Intelligent identification of mobile terminals can recognize the access of different terminals, such as office computers, business tablets and visitors mobile phones, and set up network control strategies based on access terminals.

Integrated flow control management function core business priority guarantee.

The built-in flow control function can be used to divide the traffic according to the application, users and regions, guarantee the bandwidth of the key business, and increase the bandwidth utilization value.;

Based on the application of the space resource management, flexible identification of office, entertainment, video, download and other online behaviors, priority to ensure the office bandwidth.

融合流控管理功能  核心业务优先保障

内置信息推送平台  便民信息实时下发

Built-in information push platform.
Real time convenient information issue.

The built-in information push platform supports multiple push modes such as web pages, SMS and WeChat to connect to the wireless network.

People push the information of convenient people, such as business handling guide and process attention.

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不止是功能强大 网络管理更简单
No just powerfull function
Eaiser network management

The traditional command line management mode is abandoned, the whole web visual management interface is adopted, the network setting and operation is easily realized, and the difficulty of network operation and maintenance is simplified;

Wireless AP does not need to be configured separately. It adopts unified management in the background, supports the integrated management of wired wireless, and realizes multi-network management in a platform, which is more convenient for network management.;

The wireless controller has built-in Internet behavior management, behavior audit, access authentication, VPN, firewall, information push and other functions, and realizes the wireless device function All in One, reducing the network cost.

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